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Jan. 6th, 2009 | 11:54 am

hey, so, i just finished archiving this thing... 497 pages of text, geez.

i am not going to use it anymore, i was going to shut it down, but i will just leave it for now because, well, you know, it's a thing, i have a soft spot in my heart for this blog. but i am not going to use it, i have one on rsc for myself that has never been used and i am going to incorporate it into my new site design for my personal site.

bye livejournal. thanks for all the memories!

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(no subject)

Jan. 5th, 2009 | 02:43 pm

is it just me or does it simply not matter that it's '09 ? 2:41
nothing ever changes. 2:41

yea 2:43
i mean 2:43
it could be 2009 2:43
it could be 1734 2:43
who cares 2:43
the only difference is that i will live long enough to hate being alive. 2:43

And with a new year, I am going to make an effort to begin blogging again, get involved in the interweb writings of old.

2008 was probably the most difficult and exciting year so far, and with its end I look forward to this year being just as hard, but easy now, because, well, i did it in 2008 and that shit be easy now, yaheard.

There is a lot going on, and I am not going to talk about it. Part of this is me not wanting to be so vain as to think that people will be entertained by reading about me making dinner, making music and doing what the hell ever. I am going to try and go back to my roots and just talk about interesting stories and thoughts, things that I see, seems more pretentious, but also more enjoyable for everyone involved... if you really wanna know what I'm doing creatively these days, there are plenty of resources for that on the internet. but really, i mean, who cares what i'm doing?

On New Year's day at about 3:30AM I walked into a plate glass window and snapped the arm off of my glasses. As I heard my windows to the world clatter to the cool tile floor in two pieces, my heart sank and i slipped to my knees to fumble about blindly hoping that what i heard was incorrect; that my ears had lied to me. I was not sad because I had broken my glasses, no, I was depressed because I was going to have to deal with something, and I had been making a rather concerted effort to deal with nothing for a solid two weeks.

The next morning, tiny super glue bottle in hand, I attempted to reattach the arm and found that there was a leak in the bottle, this was revealed to me by the fact that I had just sprayed super glue all over both of my hands, applying none to the glasses. I screamed in rage as the glue dripped from my hands - upheld to show Meagan the damage - to the floor, where moments later my foot would become stuck as well.

eventually, through the tear, i was able to fix my glasses, and through goo-gone remove the sticky, annoying gunk from both hands and feet. I sat and stared at my lemon scented, glue free hands and smiled, knowing that this was a portentious moment, foreshadowing what is to come.

happy new year everyone.

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Lexithimie - The Poems of Longfellow (RSC036)

Oct. 9th, 2008 | 09:17 am

(Artwork and animation by joshua twentythree)

(genre: idm)

(right-click "save as..." to save)

01. Hotslash
02. Ashtonfield
03. Station 0I0II0
04. Sunday
05. Moonlight
06. Flower and Reappear
07. Snake Rolls

Download the entire release as a .zip file.

Front cover. Back cover.

French artist Lexithimie debuts on Rope Swing Cities with The Poems of Longfellow a stunning EP of emotionally engaging IDM music, perfect for the end of summer and the encroaching winter.

Lexithimie's production is peppered with Snow flake pitter patters of percussion which gently guide us through the snow fields of tone and melody. Soft and thoughtful songs filled with a hopeful longing for what comes next. The opening track, Hotslash, opens the release in perfect style; inviting washes of sound give way to a gently pulsing four four, ushering the listener on to explore the further landscapes contained in The Poems of Longfellow. And likewise, Snake Rolls, releases the listener at the end, a comforting sleepy ending to a marvelous musical journey.

With these ever so charming words in mind, please join us in welcoming a new member to the Rope Swing Cities family, Lexithimie, with the thoughtful and cuddly EP The Poems of Longfellow. For more about Lexithimie, you can check out his myspace page, here.

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Interpersonal Communication, Exam 1, Question 5.

Oct. 9th, 2008 | 12:05 am

5. Define Culture.

Culture is scary, man. Culture is a set of norms adopted by a group of people to define what they accept as artistic, logical, moral, profane… the list goes on. Culture is a checklist of memes.

It’s strange that so much of nationalism is tied up in language. I’m not saying it’s the all encompassing end all be all. But people get up in arms about their language. There have been wars about this stuff. Language is part of culture. Language provides one of the filters through which we perceive the world. Culture is the conglomeration of an agreed upon set of filters.

Everyone thinks culture is this big great thing, but seriously, it makes us say and do the most ridiculously stupid things to one another. Did you watch the debate with McCain and Obama? Our culture says that one of these men should be running the place? Are you kidding me? The filters we gotta put on to like either of those guys, sheesh! But we have to choose one of them, because we have an agreed upon set of rules here that we must abide by, or anarchy will reign. Which actually wouldn’t be so bad, I bet. The Spanish would have been fine if it weren’t for FASCISM.

I dream that one day there will be this huge global culture that we all adhere to, and then being a Muslim or a Christian, a punk rocker or a stock broker, from Duluth or Djibouti will all be subcultures and we can look for something out in space to kill.

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Interpersonal Communication, Exam 1, Question 4.

Oct. 8th, 2008 | 11:48 pm

4. Who is more open or willing to disclose between men and women? Why?

I have been studying sociolinguistics for two and a half years, I studied sociology for a while as a young lad, and I have decided that this is a bunch of hooey perpetuated by society. If people were taught to communicate differently, they would, inside of the slight confines of their biochemical makeup which does dictate how you perceive and transmit information. If we were all taught that men and women communicate exactly the same, we would see, I think, that for the most part, we did. These differences arise from the holding on to of monkey perception. “ook, ook, she look different, she must be different!”

The prevailing idea is that men communicate less openly than women do. This is supported by research, but in most cases the margin is so small, that the researcher has to concede that, well, it’s not that different. From what I have seen, when we look at research that takes sex into account, but also employment, education, race and a host of other factors, we see that the truth seems to lie more in the environment than the gender. And what we have learned says that men will disclose more to women than to men. And I know that that is total bull, because you tell a lady something and the next day the whole damn town knows.

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never again

Sep. 6th, 2008 | 11:55 am

So, everyone, I am through.

From this moment on, i am not a dj any longer.

a dream, long sought after, has finally been realized. since a young boy of 18 slaving away in the vinyl mines i have kept one goal firmly in my mind. the one thing that i have always wanted to hear from someone in my audience...

a validation that can only come from one source.

last night, my friends, a black man called me his nigga. he said i was his undercover nigga as he careened across the dance floor, getting down with abandon.

thank you, everyone, good night.

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let's get over it.

Aug. 29th, 2008 | 11:55 am

Joshua: mccain chose an evil woman as his vp...
could he be any more guileless?

Jonathan: gonna get all the mccains for clinton now
evil dyke-bitches

Joshua: i can't see how. this lady is a hell of opponent of abortion

Jonathan: she got five kids!
she obviously hates abortion
but anyhow
that's the idea i think
get all the sassy bitches who voted for hillary to vote for mccain now

Joshua: yeah, i am sure what the idea is. but jesus. so dumb.

Jonathan: "My husband was a lifelong commercial fisherman... [He is now] a production operator up in the oil fields up on Alaska's north slope, and he's a proud member of the United Steelworkers' Union. And he's a world champion snow machine racer."
look at that quote from her

Jonathan: world champion SNOW MACHINE racer!!??

Joshua: awesome
her husband is just this tough dude with a wicked mustache hella twirling polar bears over his head.

Jonathan: i want to MEET THIS MAN

Joshua: while jumping his snow machine off of a rad ramp into a pit of vipers that he is going to whup.
snow vipers.

Jonathan: man, this man is truly the husband of the vp

Jonathan: "sarah - the only thing i haven't done is bowl wolverines down the lanes at the white house bowling alley, that's my last tough thing to do."

Joshua: "you MUST win."
"for our family."

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that music's got no balls

Aug. 29th, 2008 | 09:04 am

Meagan and I went walking around downtown yesterday, to finally get a glimpse of the DNC craziness that has engulfed our town this week. Of course we chose to go on the day that everything had calmed because everyone was at Invesco waiting for obama to speak. So, it was a nice long walk around, and we definitely saw some sights, but it was pretty underwhelming as a whole... this is glommed from an email i sent to my sister last night when asked what it was like here right now...

i have avoided it all for the most part. i don't think people's hearts are really into protesting and stuff for a couple of reasons.

1. come on everyone, can we just elect the black guy and get it behind us, move on with life. Even i with all of my too cool for politics school attitudes think it's a pretty big deal for us to be doing this. but i think it shows how far we haven't come that it is a pretty big deal for us to do this.

2. the american public has become so cowed that people's ideas of protest in the streets and people taking back the power is a distilled film clip of the process having nothing to do with the true meaning of getting into the streets and fucking shit up. this is an important distinction between us, and say, the french. we protest, the french fucking riot, and they get what they want. everyone that i have seen on either side is really just out to pose and be seen which is what our culture has become.

because of #2 i could give a fuck. i find fault with everyone on all sides, and i suppose that is the apathetic ennui that my generation has lived with... we think it's all retarded... but we just don't know what to do about it so we occupy ourselves with social networking sites and ipods.

going out into the streets in armed revolt is not how you cause a revolution anymore... a team of elite hackers slowly but surely dismantling the government in conjunction with a viral marketing campaign are probably what the basis of the next revolution will be... does that mean it is already happening? i dunno. probably not.

we went downtown and walked around today and all i saw was a bunch of people who wanted to be loud but with nary a cogent point to make.

listened to obama's speech, got turned off whenever he mentioned god. after listening to everyone's speeches this week i feel like the public is being fooled every time someone mentions "green collar" jobs.

some added elements.

I saw a guy walking down the street carrying two large pieces of cardboard studded with "official obama pins" ranging from american flags and slogans; the now familiar profile of Obama with the word hope, or change, or what the fuck ever underneath it. it's all just a little scary to me. but, the best part was that amongst all of these nationalist dreamer pins was the one gem of the bunch: a brown pen with a spiffy yellow and orange design graphic and the text "i <3 black people".

this is what i'm talking about when i say that we've not really come all that far.

we witnessed a crazy butt pipe christian yelling at a crowd of scoffers. in one breath she said that everyone was stupid, and that god and her loved all of them. she sounded particularly virulent when referring to everyone as stupid because they didn't believe in god and supported abortion.

I have no pity for people like this anymore... i have no pity for anyone who believes in higher powers any longer. the animosity i had toward people who hated homosexuals has transferred onto anyone that believes in god. Look, if you do, ok, we can still be friends and stuff, it ain't no thing, everyone can believe what they want, i would never tell someone they can't think something. But deep down, i will probably think that there is something wrong with you.

I mean, people who can believe in an unseen force that we're ultimately answerable to will believe anythin...


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Aug. 23rd, 2008 | 11:10 am

when it comes out that he's a vat grown replacement programmed to work the evils of the far right agenda, this is the line everyone is going to wish they had paid attention to:

In 1988, Biden suffered an aneurysm and nearly died but has recovered fully.

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can't stop

Jul. 30th, 2008 | 10:19 am

The gang all came over last night and we imbibed many bottles of wine, watched Reptilicant and generally laughed a lot and made loud noises. it felt like old times again and is hopefully...

you know what, i have very little desire to just sit and write about myself anymore...

but i do want to write things... i'm reading Rasselas by Jonathan... uhh, something or other, he's an old school grammarian and you can tell by his writing. I don't know anything about it, it was just on the bookshelf, it appears to be a light version of Siddartha, we'll see. it's just what is needed right now, light little lessons about humility and the correct ways to eke enjoyment out of life. i need that.

the zombie comic script is coming along, and we're so on the verge of kicking grandma/grandpa back into gear.

it's good to be remembering to feel satisfaction in the little things, to want to work on my little projects and pursuits recalling that they too have a great importance in my life, regardless of what they mean to other people.

I've been working very diligently on music lately, spending several hours a day as i can just sitting and hacking away at tracks. i've finished two new tracks of what i can only call sad disco and am getting ready to launch into my third, have some musiccoming out on Dope soon, really excited about music finally.

the house is about to go into a state of upheaval and change that will be good for those of us who remain as we dive into the creative introspection of the fall and winter.


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